Monday, April 19, 2010

Bachorlette party Con't

I needed to finish what i started!!! Here are a few of my favorite photos of Nance's bachelorette party. A group of her girlies got together at a local Corpus Christi site called WaterStreet. If you like seafood this is one of the many places to go.

Dinner is over and the group is headed to the Bombay. Oddly enough a good friend of ours from HIGH SCHOOL owns this dive. (David you can thank me for this plug later!) Pictured above (front and center left to right) Laura Z, Nance, & Stephanie. ( up top left to Right) Me, Mari, & Nance's sister, Melinda.
As the maid of honor I thought it would be less controlling of me to allow the other bridesmaids the honor of helping out during the festivities. In hindsight I should've reconsidered.... One of the bridesmaids created a tiara vial for Nance - which was totally sweet of her, however!!! she hand sewed on about 50 HUGE condoms all up and down the dang thing!! if you knew Nance, you'd know she's trooper and totally incapable of hurting any one's feelings. She wore it proudly despite how awkward she initially felt. By the end of the night everyone loved it! so, yay! Nance!!!
Nance and I
i did manage to help my girl out by randomly pulling off a few condoms here and here. David (bombay's owner) may need to check the lounge area cushions for stashed UNUSED condoms!
Here are more of the ladies!
We were ready to dance it up super chica style!!
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