Monday, September 8, 2008

Walking Group

OK, the time has come to start a walking group. I know most of you already got the email but I wanted to open this up to all the blog lurkers as well! =) I've attached a copy of a walking schedule as well as the email that was sent out last week with all needed information...

Meeting Location and details
As division of the Denton Runners Club I'm aiding as a volunteer leader for a walking group! And You're INVITED!!! This group will walk along the following schedule (see attached). For those of you who are interested in walking with this group during the week in hopes of working up to the runners group please know that you are more than welcome to do so. Our Denton Runners are wiling and excited at the prospect of having new members and new people to work with toward wellness.

If you're interested this walking group we'll meet every Saturday Morning at 7am.
We'll meet at the Cupboard Parking Lot off of Congress and Elm st.
Our first walking group will meet Saturday, September 13th at 7am.

I need a volunteer to head the group on the 20th as I'll be out of down that weekend.

Here's my contact Info for those who need it:

Walking Schedule

All are welcome!

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