Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not enough seat on that chair!

My sister and I headed to a "local health food place" yesterday after work as I needed to return something. We decided to stay for dinner. It's a cute little place with a great salad bar, and great soups..etc. During the course of our dinner I notice she's fidgeting back and forth in her chair. She gets up rather quickly and heads off to refill her water. As she's leaving she slightly looks back at the chair and mutters "dang! there's not enough seat on that chair!" and walks off.

I lost it!! I couldn't stop laughing as I totally understood what she was saying. Those chairs we were certainly NOT big booty friendly!!! Anyhow, the entire time that's refilling her drink I can't help but laugh and by the time she returns to the table I'm hysterical!! (I love when laughter bubbles over that way.)

If only America could have a bird's eye view of our adventurous in sisterhood, I'm 100% positive that we'd have our own TV show!

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