Saturday, December 22, 2007

Calling all Prayer Peeps

Here's an email I had to send to my small group girls. Please read the following and pray along with them.

Hey ladies,

I'm emailing because I need y'all to go to battle for me. I've only been in Corpus 1 day and I'm already struggling with food. I sorta prepared myself mentally for this but it wasn't until about 10 minutes ago (while logging in my points for the day) that I realized that I'm way in over my head!!! I've been snacking all day. And, it won't be a surprise but I've already gone way way way over my allotted points for the day. I had a small 1.2lbs weight gain this morning during my weigh in and as y'all know any weight gain always throws my game off. So, please pray for me!! My goal is to finally reach 50lbs before Jan. 1st. I will do my part and continue to seek the Lords face for strength and power but I need an extra measure of support so I'm begging y'all to please lift me up. I know that truly God is behind this because anytime before this I would've never asked for help in this struggle...also pray for Margarita. Pray that she'll have the courage to confront my sin issues in regards to overeating or bored eating or whatever types of eating I do to get way or soothe and pray that I will wholehearted respond in humility. I soooo badly want these few pounds but more than weight loss I want freedom. Many of you share in this struggle with me but maybe not to this extreme so know that I am praying for y'all too. I love and miss you all.

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